A Todo List For repetitive Tasks

Routinero is a todo list app where you can list your repetitive tasks, set a time interval, and get a reminder at the right time.

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Build and track daily habits

Create to-do lists of habits with daily reset. Track them with daily streaks, and view the history.

Set your own time interval

You can set your own time interval for your tasks and the app will automatically remind you on the right days.

Progress Trackers & Checklists

Have a checklist of your essentials. Make a list once and use it when you need it by simply adding it to your dashboard


List all your repetitive works

Easily create the lists of the works you do on a regular basis according to your time interval, complete or dismiss them, and measure progress.

Get reminded on time

Set a project routine

Make your tasks repeat everyday or specific days in each week or month.

Get reminded with notifications

Get push notifications in your phone and be reminded of your tasks.



Routinero doesn’t save your habits and tasks on it’s server. It is saved locally in your phone.

Take a closer look

Right user experience makes it easier to track your tasks.
Below are the some previews of how the app was designed*.

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A todo list for your repetitive tasks